When will you be in my area?
Cash-For-Records makes weekday and weekend house calls across the country, and are constantly scheduling new appointments. email us at cashforecords(at) to find out when we will be in your area!

What kinds of music do you buy?
We buy all kinds of music, especially Jazz, Soul, Blues, Gospel, Disco, Rock, Latin, African, Reggae, Caribbean & Hip Hop.

Is there a minimum or size limit for collections that you look at?
No record collection is ever too small or too big.

Is there a charge for your service?
Our appointments are free of charge. They are also obligation-free. We will never pressure you to make a sale.

How do you pay?
We always pay in cash at the end of the appointment.

What do you do with the records that you buy?
We distribute them to other collectors and stores.

What kind of records do I have?
If you’re curious, here’s a guide you might find useful. The vinyl in your collection is probably going to be in one of the following formats:

45 RPM / 7″ singles:
These records are seven inches across, usually have a large center hole, play at 45 RPM, and most often have one song on each side. Some people call them “seven inches,” others call them “45s” or “singles.”

The classic album format. They are 12″ across, have small center holes, typically play at 33 1/3 RPM, and have several songs on a side. They are usually called “LPs,” “33s,” “albums,” or “records.”

12″ Singles:
These records became popular around the time of disco, and look a lot like LPs. They are also 12″ across and have a small center hole, but unlike an LP, usually only have one song on each side. Many disco, dance, and rap singles came out on 12″.

The first kind of popular record format 78s are usually made of shellac, and can be told from LPs or 45s by their unique size (10″ across, sized in between 45s and LPs). They usually only have one song per side, and require a special type of needle and turntable to play.

10″ LPs or Singles:
If you have a record that’s 10″ in diameter (like a 78) but plays at 33 1/3 RPM and has several songs per side (like an album), you may have a 10″ LP.